Since 1986, Thomas Afilani has been manufacturing these long range metal dectors, they're called Electroscopes®. An Electroscope®, by Thomas Afilani can aid the treasure hunter by providing a direction and an approximate location where treasure might be buried, allowing the enthusiast to then finish off their hunt with a conventional deep seeking metal detector. We not only build Electroscopes®, we have also used them successfully for our own treasure hunting excursions.

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Our toll free number in the U.S. to order Electroscope products is 1-800-245-9276. Literature inquiries: 1-570-398-3080. Email your questions or comments to .

All International Orders are final. U.S. sales are final after 10 days and are subject to a 15% reshelving fee. U.S. returns require a return authorization number from the factory. Electroscopes reserves the right to ship to the buyer a replacement piece of equipment in case of damage through the shipping process. Electroscopes reserves the right to change the design or components of any product.

"All Electroscopes are skilled instruments used as a treasure hunting tool to increase the chances of recovering buried treasure. They are to be used in conjunction with a conventional metal detector. Like any electronic detector, Electroscopes are not perfect instruments, but can be very effective"

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