“Down Home” Georgia Boy Cleans House at Treasure World’s Main Event

by Frank F.

Undaunted by Heavy Rains!

When Kenny Logan left Waycross, Georgia, he probably had no idea he was destined to win the Grand Prize at Electroscopes® by Thomas' great treasure hunt held at Treasure World at Oregon Hill (Morris), Pennsylvania. At the massive hunt located near Williamsport (home of Electroscopes® products), Kenny walked off with $10,000 cash, an expensive gold coin necklace, a brand new car, the first prize trophy and other gifts and supplies from the Electroscope® company.

Kenny held out in the field until the bitter end and it paid off! Braving torrential rains, Kenny and other treasure hunters and "scopers" took to the hillside and swarmed the ski area on Saturday, August 19th and helped make history! Billed as the world's largest hunt of its kind, Thomas, President of Electroscopes®, says he is more than happy with the outcome of is first venture.

It was reported that 73% of all treasure that was hidden at Oregon Hill for the "Main Event" was found by "scopers" (the people using the Electroscopes® Model 301 and Model 20).

"In the case of Kenny, it just goes to show that a little perseverance pays off," said John Kearney and the staff of Treasure World Productions. "Gentleman" Jeff Anderson of Oklahoma came in second place in the Main Event, and led the hunt with two caches and three crocks, and 20 ounces of silver.

Kenny's conventional metal detector broke down just 15 minutes into the hunt and he was forced to rely only on his Electroscope® to see him through the heavy rain! In the final third hour of the hunt, however, Kenny located his final cache of the day, giving him a total of three caches and three crocks for a grand total of 27 ounces of silver and the title of Treasure World's First World Champion!

Kenny was quoted as saying to Thomas, "Man you got one heck of a machine!" I understand that Thomas returned the compliment with "Kenny, you're one great treasure hunter!"

Hearty congratulations go to all "scopers" and treasure hunters from third place right on down, including fourth place winner, George Acord, from West Virginia (who bought his Electroscope® only two days before the hunt!) Quite a feat! But Kenny performed masterfully and truly deserves a round of applause from all involved as he beat all the odds and made treasure history, which will long be remembered both at Treasure World and in treasure hunting circles!

Kenny says he will use a large portion of his earnings to help his mother receive expert medical treatment for a health condition. This statement at the awards ceremony brought a hefty applause. There wasn't a dry eye in the house!

This writer spoke with Kenny by phone at his home. He reports that the car he won is running great, and he's enjoying the notoriety. Kenny comes from a family of treasure hunters, including his mom and dad. He has been "scopin": about two years now, ever since the Electroscope® came out, but he says that actually started treasure hunting around 8-9 years old. He, of course, uses a conventional detector along with his "scope" in most instances. He travels around a lot to Florida, Tennessee, etc. Kenny shared half of his winnings with his long-time partner B.A. Bennett, who was with him at Oregon Hill. Logan says he was in kind of a state of shock after his big win, but he says (he trained the fourth place winner George Acord) "if he did good, I knew I had to do good, and I saw he was doing good!"

All these boys will be back next year I'm told, competing for even bigger and better prizes! Look out!

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