What About Electronic Prospecting With an Electroscope by David W.

Today, many prospectors are using metal detectors to electronically analyze gold bearing areas, reworking the old shafts and tailing piles for gold bearing specimens overlooked by the earlier miners. If you are considering electronic prospecting, it is best to use tools designed for the job. There are automatic ground balancing metal detectors on the market today. Some have a switch that allows the operator to select automatic tuning or manual tuning. One that can be manually tuned and ground balanced to perfection, and has a calibrated discrimination mode for analyzing targets will do the job.

An Electroscope is a new breed and concept of metal detector technology. An electronic locator to recognize the presence of metals from long distance, up to two miles away on sizeable targets.

The operator adds discrimination by advancing the discrimination knob to eliminate unwanted metals while gold and silver remain good targets. Electroscope is a bird dog for treasure hunters to get them into the immediate area of the gold and silver. That is the goal of all treasure hunters, to be productive with their equipment and save search time.

The value of any detector technology is determined by what the operators find with it. Gold and silver coins, jewelry and precious metal artifacts have been recovered. Some of these were found in highly mineralized ground and first detected from 60 feet to mile away. In each case, the Electroscope narrowed the search area down to approximately 3x3 feet. In most instances, they were used in combination with a searchcoil metal detector to pinpoint the target within the search area. The finds ranged from 9 inches to five feet deep.

Used as a bird dog, the miner, prospector and dredge operators should take a serious look at the tool that was long overdue. There is a network of dealers and distributors to demonstrate these instruments. Hunting for nuggets, veins, and paystreaks in highly mineralized areas is a natural application.

What About Electronic Prospecting With An Electroscope?

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