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Model 20 in Tennessee
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Model 20 in Tennessee finds 30 Silver dollars and more...

    Woody James
    Laurel Bloomery, TN
    (423) 727-9223

I had just received my Model 20 Electroscope in the mail and few days back and had been practicing how to use it. I took it with me this past weekend to the flea market where I have a stand. The guy whose yard where the yard sale takes place came over and saw my Model 20. I had told him how I just purchased it and he chuckled. We went out in his yard to “play” with the scope. I swept the Model 20 and instantly received a signal in the distance. I went and took another sweep across his yard and got another hit. I eyed up where the two lines crossed, boxed it in, and got my detector. Minutes later, to my surprise, I pulled out a cache of 30 silver half dollars, all from the1930’s and 2 seated liberty dimes 18 inches deep. We split the cache and needless to say, I am anxious to take my Model 20 to a place where I know there is a large gold coin cache -Woody James



Phone: 570-398-3080


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