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Model 301 in Oregon finds 10 beautiful gold coins

    Chuck Breshears
    Oregon, USA

I was attending a show when a woman approached me about finding caches that were buried in her yard because in the 1930’s, they outlawed gold possession and she did not want to turn it over. Her memory wasn’t real good, but she had believed her husband put down six small caches of gold coins.

She asked what my finder’s fee was and I told her 10% would be fine. I searched her property with my Model 301 from top of the hillside because it was steep ground. I was surprised that I only received a faint signal after about 20 to 30 minutes. I walked in the line of bearing about 400 yards until my Model 301 antenna turned to the side. Then I boxed the area in and got my metal detector.

I got a signal and dug a hole approximately 12 inches down and removed a container from the hole that had aluminum foil wrapped around something. I opened it up and there were 10 beautiful gold coins. My reward for my efforts was an 1873 $20 gold Eagle in excellent condition. I looked on the computer and one in poor shape was going for $2,500.00. Not bad for one day’s work.

I can’t wait to return to recover the remaining caches. - C. Breshears 541-784-6066.



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