Model 20

The Model 20 is an excellent choice for the treasure hunter who needs a tool that had all around performance in the field. The Model 20, the result of years of research and development, is designed specifically for locating unknown targets such as gold, silver, coins and various relics. Although used by many professionals, it is an excellent choice for the novice treasure hunter. Featured with a one mode switch for All Metals/Gold and Silver, the Model 20 has a maximum range of one mile plus and a depth of six feet and is becoming widely popular with metal detector enthusiasts looking for an edge in the field since 1986.

Gold/Silver Switch
9volt Alkaline Battery
Adjustable Position Tuning
Low Battery Indicator

Price: $695.00



The System B

A number of our customers have been requesting an economical model to aid in their versatile treasure hunting without sacrificing quality, dependability, and performance.We believe these new System-B long-range locators will be valuable tools helping to accomplish our customer's goals. Let this affordable long-range instrument aid you in your pursuit of treasure. It can be an effective tool in your treasure arsenal and an absolute must for any serious prospector.

Gold/Silver Switch
9volt Alkaline Battery
10 Position Tuning
Hi / Low sensitivity switch


Price: $495.00






Specialty Scopes

Instructional DVDs



The Regulator - Digital

As with the Regulator (classic), the digital version is pre-set for gold only, but other metals can be detected by simply including a like metal in the sample chamber.  Now with the LCD display, the tuning on the Regulator is more refined than ever.  Large, easy to view numbers can be set on the screen where you get the best detection. The display also features a backlight for low light conditions and a battery icon to show battery life.  Highly discriminatory, the Regulator is a favorite among prospectors.  If you are looking for deposits of gold, veins, hunting tailing piles for nuggets, or just looking for an area to set up your prospecting equipment in a river or a stream, the Regulator digital may be for you.

Improved Discrimination
Can Locate Rings, Jewelry, Small Caches, & Nuggets
Can Locate Meteorites, Platinum, & Other Precious Metals
Includes Transporting Case and Soft Accessory Case
Includes Heavy Duty, Highly Conductive Ground Probe Accessory
Meter For Fine Tuning Signal Strength
9 Volt Alkaline Battery
10 Position Tuning


Price: $1,795.00


Price: $2,495.00

Model 301 - Digital

The Model 301 (digital) updates a preferred scouting tool among treasure hunting enthusiasts to provide even better tuning using the digital tuner and the number indicator on the LCD screen in conjunction with the antenna.  The LCD has multiple features providing the user with more comforts than ever before.  In the center of the screen, the e-gyro stabilizer assists the operator with the balancing of the Model 301.  When properly balanced, a tone is audible and the word READY is visible to provide confidence for the operator.  The screen is backlit for lowlight conditions.  A battery icon is on the screen to show the user battery life.  When the Model 301 (digital) is on but not balanced, it will power off to conserve the battery life.   Cache hunting or prospecting are the preferred uses of the Model 301 Electroscope. 

Gold/Silver Switch
Multiple Tuning Combinations
Hi/Low Sensitivity Switch
9 Volt Alkaline Battery
10 Position Tuning
10 Position Discrimination Knob
Meter used for tuning
Low Battery Indicator



If you would like to make an international order, please email us at this link and we will be happy to provide you with a complete quote.


The Gravitator Recovery System

The Gravitator Recovery System can accurately guide you to buried treasures of gold, silver, coins, jewelry and many other valuable artifacts. This high-tech, state-of-the-art locator enables you to leap into the future of long range detection systems. Its features allow the user to carry away important information gathered at the treasure site, and is the leading tool at the start of any serious hunt. The Gravitator's revolutionary new compact design makes it easy to transport into the field. Another powerful locator exclusively from the world famous Electroscopes® company, the pioneers of long-range equipment.

Gold/Silver Mode
Digital Range Finder
Laser Antenna System
Directional Display
Dual-Handle Design
Balance Indicator
9 Volt Alkaline Battery
Night Vision Screen
Adjustable Tuning
Data Trigger
Digital Signal Processing
Integrated Circuits
Low Battery Indicator
ABS Enclosure


Price: $6,250



Phone: 570-398-3080


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