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Recent Finds with Digital Regulator

Today I decided to put it to a real test at a old Civil war Home site, that I thought I had hunted out.. The area was extremely infested with junk iron.. I brought several different types of metal samples with me to place in the sample chamber and tested each sample to see if I had missed anything on my previous hunts.. Sure enough I started getting hits with the Regulator and found some nice finds that I had missed before.. This place was not hunted out like I thought and I will be going back.. The Regulator Lock dead on its target every time.. This scope is awesome and my new best friend.. I found 2 pieces of harmonica reeds, 3 old civil war bullets , A brass handle , a old Raleigh & Gaston Railroad key , a old 1864 2 cent coin , and a really nice gold ring.. It was a great day thanks to the Regulator Electroscope..

regulator hunt 3-26-2015 002
regulator hunt 3-26-2015 003
regulator hunt 3-26-2015 004
regulator hunt 3-26-2015 006
regulator hunt 3-26-2015 005

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