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REGULATOR - Indianapolis, IN - July 2006

    V. Bowles Jr.
    New Age Detecting
    539 S Franklin Rd
    Indianapolis, IN 46239

    July, 2006


I got a call from a guy who owned a nickel plating business that wanted me to come out and find four drums in the ground he had buried eight years ago.  These drums were secreted because the owner feared that if left outside, they would be stolen.  He had an idea where they were down to about a 50 x 50 square foot area.  I grabbed my Regulator and went to the site.  I had experience with my Model 301, finding an AAA silver badge 14.6 grams sterling as of late, but not a lot with the Regulator. 

I went to the site a got a hit and triangulated to where I felt I was very close to where the containers were located.  I put an X on the ground and the guy used his back hoe and dug a four by four foot hole.  I told him to dig 2 feet deeper in the center of the 4x4 hole.  Sure enough, after digging down a couple of feet, the end of the first barrel was exposed.  The other three drums were two feet apart from each other.

We recovered all four barrels with the Regulator in a short amount to time totaling $20,000.00 worth of nickel.



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