World’s Largest Treasure Hunt Begins in Northern Tier

By Frank F.

Thomas is an inventor. He created a device known as an Electroscope®. The rest as they history. Thomas will host, the World's Largest Treasure Hunt at his Treasure World, located near English Center, Pennsylvania at Oregon Hill Ski Resort. "They have turned the place into a treasure hunter's dream", said one observer, talking about Thomas and his partner Bob.

Not only will Thomas get to show off his "Scope" as it is called, but seasoned treasure hunters from all over the world will be able to compete for some $50,000 in cash and prizes, plus some very impressive trophies and plaques.

The Electroscope® is already a household word in the field of treasure hunting. It uses electronic frequency, and it reportedly can locate a piece of gold or silver up to 2 miles away in some instances, a feat unheard of in the days before the "Scope".

It has only been about 3 years since the first prototype of the Electroscope® by Thomas (as it is trademarked) found its first piece of precious metal. But it has grown with leaps and bounds since then, to become on the most respected tools in the industry! Says Thomas, "you see up to that point (before the Scope) the conventional metal detector was only good if you were right over your target", but with the advent of Thomas' device, the new slogan became "action from a distance".

The great hunt will feature people and products from England, France, Germany, Italy and United States and Canada.

The main objective of Treasure World on August 18th, 19th, and 20th will be to promote the sport of treasure hunting which has become quite sophisticated in the past few years. Oh sure, there have been other treasure hunts, but says Thomas "this one is the granddaddy of them all." He expects even bigger response next year and beyond, and he's already gearing up for next year.

This year's hunt will begin with an ox roast on Friday evening. Saturday will feature an antique care show, people in period costumes, and civil war re-enactments, three treasure hunts, an awards ceremony, dinner, and a gala celebration Saturday evening. Prizes such as a solid gold necklace with gold coins will be given away, along with other jewelry and cash.

Motels are said to be booked solid for miles around, for this event which is deep in the mountains of Tioga County between Mansfield and Williamsport, and just a stone's throw from the majestic Pennsylvania Grand Canyon near Wellsboro.

There will be news media from various areas covering this hunt, along with magazines which have featured Thomas and his inventions in many issues.

Treasure weekend, however, is not just for Electroscope® enthusiasts, but for anyone who wants to hunt treasure both with conventional equipment or Scopes. Spectators are invited too, to come and just enjoy the festivities. There will be fun for all…that is a "promise from Thomas"!

This awards ceremony will feature the singing of the National Anthem by operatic soprano Suzanne Revak-Fedelli.

Electroscopes® spokesman, John Kearney says… "This is only the beginning of what should be a great annual event".

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