Just a FEW of the many finds our customers have enjoyed using Electroscopes Products!

Thank You for your interest in Electroscopes by Thomas. We are proud to acknowledge that we have been in the treasure hunting business since 1986 and feel that we offer treasure hunters the finest long-range treasure hunting tools available and back it up with excellent customer service. Our customers are loyal individuals who, for the most part, purchase our equipment as part of their treasure-hunting arsenal for a competitive edge.

An Electroscope, by Thomas Afilani can aid the treasure hunter by providing a direction and an approximate location where treasure might be buried, allowing the enthusiast to then finish off their hunt with a conventional deep seeking metal detector. We not only build Electroscopes, we have also used them successfully for our own treasure hunting excursions.



Various sites where treasure was found using Electroscopes!

An Electroscope is a skilled instrument that, through practice can allow the user to cover more potentially lucrative ground in less time thus increasing the chance of making a recovery.

While the treasure hunting industry offers no perfect piece of equipment, we are proud to bring you this unique treasure-hunting tool that can increase your chances to find gold and silver. So whether you are a prospector, cache hunter, a coin hunter, or just an artifact enthusiast the excitement of adding an Electroscope to your treasure hunting endeavors just may be for you. Enjoy the website! Its features include individuals using scopes, finds, places to hunt, the history of the company and its founder and custom designed instruments we have built over the years and much more. Be sure to check out our products page which features several different Electroscopes to choose from and ask about our accessories and trade-in policy, two unique features not offered by any other competitor.

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I received my Regulator and decided to use it in the goldfields of Arizona to see if I could find some coins. Well I forgot to bring silver with me so I just hunted with the unit setup the way you sent it from the factory. I found no coins, however the Regulator locked onto a target about 300' from where I got out of my truck and I worked my way up to where the signal was originating from and it seemed like it took me forever as this was my first time using the scope. Attached is a picture of a chocolate quartz rock I found with approximately an ounce of gold in it. I am very happy and satisfied with the way the unit handled right out of the box. Thank you,

Panos G.


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